Why You Are Not Harvesting Trophy Bucks and How To Fix It

Why are you not harvesting trophy bucks?

Because you are not learning from the right people.

There are those who talk and there are those who do.


If you are new to hunting everyone is going to tell you how to do it.

You are going to be getting advice from so many different sources.

How do you know who to listen to?

My advice, learn to ask one simple question.

Can you show me the bucks?

Bottom line, good hunters harvest good bucks.

Maybe it is because I am from Missouri, the “Show Me” state?

I listen best when I am looking at results.

If you can show me the bucks, I am all ears.

Gimmicks, gadgets, and tricks have their place.

Results speak for themselves.

Everybody has an unproductive season now and then.

Look at the results over the last five years.

If you have not harvested a good buck in over five years… change your tactics.

Something is not working.

Fix it.

Here Are 4 Simple Action Steps:

1. Go to someone you know personally who is harvesting mature bucks and ask them for advice- buy them lunch, it will be well worth it.

2. If you do not know anyone like this, invest 30 minutes a week in watching the following online shows. These guys consistently harvest mature bucks and they will tell you how it is done.



3. Read Simple Hunting and every other online blog you can find. Glean as much information as possible. Here are some blog suggestions.


Most of all, Keep It Simple!


Jeremiah Stanley

Jeremiah Stanley

I have been a hunter for 25 years. My goal is to share simple, proven techniques to help our readers enjoy success in the field.

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